Truck Repairs Professionals

Kelowna Truck and Car Repair Shop is designed with a Designated Inspection Facility. Specializing in diesel care, the devoted team of auto mechanic professionals at our truck repairs Kelowna shop boast extensive training in various aspects of general truck maintenance..

Aside from the impressive capabilities of our trucking maintenance team, we are proud to partner up with 15 different suppliers, of whom are scattered around Western Canada. This results in lower prices for you, and a medley of branded vehicle parts and appliances to choose from.

Get Ready for the Unexpected

As a trucker or someone who drives a pickup truck or family vehicle, such as an SUV, you ought to follow certain trucking rules when roaming the roads. These rules include keeping your tools in prime condition, having the number of an auto mechanic handy, ensuring you have a valid insurance policy in place, etc. Nevertheless, it is not possible to be prepared for every single event that life throws at you. When this happens, teamwork is the answer.

Rectifying the Problem with the Right Team

An ARI Fleet Program Supplier, our team thrives off of accomplishing fleet challenges and ameliorating the potential of innovation through technology utilization. On-going experience and passion from our team guarantees a flawless standard of work from Kelowna Truck and Car Repair Shop.

Our light duty truck repair and servicing includes the following:

  • Brake Replacement
  • Oil Changes
  • Exhaust Emission Repairs
  • Engine Performance Upgrades
  • Steering and Suspension Repairs
  • Fleet Maintenance

With Kelowna Truck and Car Repair Shop, you are in safe hands. Underlying problems are uncovered by our team, who investigate the results of diesel engine maintenance studies. Preventative measures can also be taken by arranging a fuel filter service and air filter change.

These service(s) can be organized every couple of months if you get in touch with us. From tuners and programmers to the repair, service and/or fitting of DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters), mechanic Kelowna professionals will not disappoint.

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