Car of the Month: Chrysler Offers Different Strokes for Different Folks

Last month, we put the spotlight on Cadillac. For August, it’s Chrysler’s time to shine on our Car of the Month series.

Chrysler Prowler: Attention-grabbing retro style

The Indy-racer-inspired front wheels on the Chrysler Prowler screams retro, and they are easily noticeable on the road. Also remarkable are the Prowler’s sturdy aluminum body. A flexible driveshaft connects the engine to the transmission, allowing for a good weight distribution and handling.

Chrysler Sebring: Superior ride quality

Available both as a convertible and a sedan, the Sebring is one of the few affordable midsize cars in the market. It has been lauded for its outstanding ride quality and comfort. With ample legroom and headroom, its ergonomic interior space is typical of the midsize class.

Chrysler LHS: Top choice for luxury and performance

The flagship Chrysler model in Chrysler, the LHS exudes a strong presence on the road. Comparable to luxury European cars, the LHS particularly has the look and feel of a German vehicle. It’s the less expensive alternative to other luxury vehicles. The LHS offers a smooth and quiet operation, lowered weight, and reduced aerodynamic drag. Thus, it performs well in terms of fuel efficiency.

Chrysler Pacifica: Superb handling and functionality

Known as one of the first large crossover wagons, the Pacifica offers the best of both worlds: the drivability of a sedan and the functionality of minivans and SUVs. It has six seating capacity, raised seats, and front-hinged doors. Coming in an elegant and chic sheet metal, the Chrysler Pacifica has an attractive exterior design that beats its competitors in the crossover market.

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