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I am James Jennings, the founder and editor in chief of this automotive blog. I had been an automotive journalist in Australia for more than 10 years before I moved to Lake Charles, LA last year to go independent as an automotive blogger. Cars have been my fascination since high school when my dad taught me how to drive his old Ford pickup. Now, my favorite among my fleet is my Ford Fusion.

Our team is currently composed of three writers and a graphic artist who are all passionate about cars. We feature a car make every month, and we write reviews about old and new cars. Occasionally, we will also feature reviews on car shows and car dealerships.

We are doing this not just to please ourselves but, more importantly, to help our fellow car lovers make informed choices when it comes to buying cars that meet their needs. It is our long-term goal to be the ultimate guide for every car aficionado.

We are also opening our virtual doors to everyone who is interested to contribute their car reviews to our blog. Please visit our Become a Contributor page for more information.

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